Domingo, 19 Novembro, 2017

Catalonia independence: Spanish government seeks rebellion charges against axed leaders

Ricard Serrano Ricard Serrano favours independence for Catalonia but only through peaceful means
Viriato Gomes | 01 Novembro, 2017, 00:23

The EU and its member states have been resolute in their support for Madrid during the Catalan independence crisis, but Michel has been more muted, calling for dialogue to resolve the standoff.

"I want a clear commitment from the state".

According to Hernandez, there are several reasons for such a delay.

But in the end, apart from one regional minister who tweeted a photo of himself at his desk, there was no major resistance.

Separately, the statistics agency INE said that Spanish inflation slowed fractionally to 1.7% in October from 1.8% in September, as a result of a dip in fuel prices.

Puigdemont's decision to flee Catalonia has disappointed many of the pro-independence rank-and-file activists who consider it a failure to stand up for the ideas of a newly free nation.

Sacked Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont attends a news conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe in Brussels, Belgium, October 31, 2017.

An email told them they were now on holiday, pending their official dismissal, without further explanation.

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UE diz que Espanha "é nosso único interlocutor", não a Catalunha
Entre as medidas estão a destituição do governo regional, a limitação dos poderes do parlamento catalão e a realização de eleições regionais no prazo máximo de seis meses.

Parlamento se declara como estado independiente — Independencia de Cataluña
Pese a ello, el gobierno regional lo dio por bueno, asegurando que hubo un 90% de síes a la secesión y una participación del 43%. El Parlamento catalán aprobó una histórica resolución que proclama una República de Cataluña independiente y soberana .

Spanish prosecutors yesterday demanded that Catalonia's dismissed leaders be charged with rebellion after the regional Parliament declared independence last week and the central government in Madrid moved to take control of the region.

Meanwhile, Spain's Supreme Court summoned the former speaker of the Catalan parliament to charge her, a judicial source said. Is there a road back from, or forward through, this impasse? Viewed from afar, the bewildering political pirouettes and rhetorical thundering pitting Catalan separatism against Spanish centralism sometimes looks like an episode of Tom and Jerry, with a scratched soundtrack.

The ousted president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has apparently fled to Belgium in the wake of the Spanish region's disastrous bid for independence - just hours after Spanish Attorney General José Manuel Maza called for charges to be filed against Catalonia's secessionist leaders for sedition and rebellion.

It is highly doubtful that on December 21 the Catalan crisis will be resolved, first of all, because of the high polarization in the society, the expert noted.

The researcher recalled that only 43 percent of the electorate took part in the referendum, of which only 38 percent voted for independence.

Now government workers are among those left wondering about their future.

Despite a Belgian minister publicly floating the idea that Puigdemont could get political asylum on Sunday, the Catalan leader said on Tuesday he is not seeking asylum, but will stay in Brussels until he can be sure he will get a fair trial in Spain. Hundreds of thousands of unionist demonstrators flooded the streets of Barcelona as rebel leaders stayed home.

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Senado da Espanha autoriza Madri intervir na Catalunha Senado da Espanha autoriza Madri intervir na Catalunha Foram essas duas forças que impulsionaram o plebiscito de 1º de outubro, com 43% de participação e 90% dos votos no "sim". A medida prevê também a prisão dos líderes independentistas por até 30 anos sob a acusação de rebelião.